Clariscope® – Systemic Efficiency Management

Clariscope® is a designed intervention to tackle stuckness and inefficiency in organizations, teams and projects.

Efficiency Management is related to the psychodynamic environment, i.e. to spaces where the human element influences the outcome of results. It is about the efficiency of human action.
Typical situations for Clariscope® are restructuring and digitalization projects or simply low-performing organizations.


The working assumption is that inefficiency is due to the unfavorable trade-off between on-task and off-task activities in the process


Important sources of off-task activity are hidden, unknown or consciously avoided. Off-Task activities are purely human with roots in cognitive biases like overconfidence, and in psychological defense mechanisms like denial or splitting.


We plan resources – but we get humans – and they do what they want to do.
As a result, everybody is busy and stressed, but things don’t move forward.
The situation is stuck!


Clariscope® removes inefficiency and puts your project and organization back on track within days.

Clariscope® provides the diagnostic tool for Synchrone Transformation© 

Progressive Consulting

unique solutions for unique people

Transformation Affairs® approach

Business relevant and human centered      

Staying relevant

Efficiency impuls

Dealing with disagreement

A clinical approach to complexity

Progressive Consulting in the VUCA World

A Critical Perspective


A progressive consulting approach for the management of business transformation must be able to address the business aspect with the necessary urgency and adequate depth. This approach must give the human element the same importance as strategic, financial and technical challenges.

The human element is almost always the main cause of inefficiencies in the transformation process. The reasons for this are manifold and lie mainly in the cognitive and psychological area. Most consultants and consultancies are not set up to address them.

This is precisely where you, as a leader, a sponsor or a manager – can positively influence the results of the transformation.

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