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Focus – Decisions – Commitments – Resilience

The future of humanity is determined by the quality of the relationship between man, nature and technology. Transformation Affairs® transforms the relationship between Technology, Processes and the Human Element into a competitive advantage for your Business.

In the transformation process from A the old to B the new target state, technical and process-related problems on the one side and challenges of the human element on the other side are often treated separately, asynchronously and with incorrect emphasis. From this imbalance arises inefficiency that can turn into toxic situations: overwork, stress, low performing organisations, innovation backlogs, failed projects and initiatives, crisis.


Transformation Affairs® is a framework with a solid foundation in leadership, management, clinical psychology and technology. Our systemic diagnosis and rapid transformational interventions deliver results by addressing urgency, bringing focus, leading to decisions, achieving commitments, enabling resilience and providing clarity in cloudy constellations.

Bogdan Canda

Bogdan Canda
Managing Director

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